HempMeds - CBD Topical - Active Relief Roll-On - 50mg

HempMeds - CBD Topical - Active Relief Roll-On - 50mg



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Over the course of a demanding 24 hours, your body can stiffen up. Getting through days like this can be exhausting. If you’re looking for a welcome release after a hardcore workout at the gym or just a physically arduous week, look no further than HempMeds’ brand new Active Relief CBD-infused roll-on. This new product offers a welcome cool-down from the day’s anxieties with approved menthol additives and HempMeds’ signature blend of holistic ingredients and botanical benefits (it also includes over 50 mg of cannabidiol hemp extract for a total of 3 fl. Oz). The latest from HempMeds offers fast-acting relief and is lab-tested to meet your needs.

If you don’t have the time to vape or use tinctures, this product is perfect for you. Simply apply the roll on to your pressure points and wait for HempMeds’ proven CBD blend to take effect. Whether you need some well-deserved relaxation after a few hours of physical fitness or your joints are just feeling sore, HempMeds’ handy new roll-on product –with its proven fusion of strength and consistency – has got you covered on all fronts.

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