CBDfx - CBD Infused Muscle Balm - 50mg

CBDfx - CBD Infused Muscle Balm - 50mg SALE
CBDfx - CBD Infused Muscle Balm - 50mg SALE
CBDfx - CBD Infused Muscle Balm - 50mg SALE


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CBD Mini Balm – Muscle Balm

Working out is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You are aware of this and have recently found yourself to be working out more often. In the moment, it makes you feel amazing; adrenaline is pumping through your body, you’re not sure if you have ever felt so strong in your entire life. You’re loving this new routine and don’t understand why you have never tried to do this in the past. Then, you get home and all of that adrenaline dissipates, leaving you with the fatigue and soreness that had hidden itself away while you were exercising. These feelings multiply in the morning, and you remember that yes, you have tried to do this before, and it resulted in the exact same post-gym ailments.

The CBDfx 50mg CBD Muscle Mini Balm contains an array of topical ingredients that are designed to help support your body and allow you to continue pushing yourself in your daily exercise routines. Whether you are in the midst of a grueling gym routine or competing in a sports tournament, your body is going to feel every minute of exercise and will likely be subjected to some level of discomfort. This balm offers deep tissue relief that can hopefully keep you from hanging up your gloves and calling it quits on an exercise-centric lifestyle.

This mini balm contains high-quality, broad spectrum CBD oil and a host of other all-natural ingredients. At 50mg, each serving contains a sizable amount of CBD that you will certainly appreciate. Tocopherol is included in the balm for its vitamin E content, which is an essential vitamin for the human body that may reduce the discomfort that you experience. Sunflower oil is also present in the balm, providing a host of different components, including vitamins C and D. Peppermint and wintergreen oils give the balm their minty aroma, nullifying that of the natural hemp extract and offering you a pleasant scent.

To use the CBDfx 50mg CBD Muscle Mini Balm, simply apply the balm to whatever area of your body that you feel needs it the most. You will immediately smell the balm’s minty aroma and feel its warming sensation on your skin. No other steps are necessary; just apply the balm and let it become absorbed into your body. The mini balm is extremely compact, so you can bring it with you anywhere for easy application after workouts, sports games or any other occasions where its effects are desirable.


* Sunflower Oil
* Jojoba Oil
* Beeswax
* Shea Butter
* Coconut Oil
* Olive Oil
* Tocopherol
* Peppermint Oil
* CBD Rich Hemp Oil (150mg)
* Camphor Oil
* Wintergreen Oil

Lab Reports

CBDfx - CBD Topical - Muscle Mini Balm - 50mg Lab Report