Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Topical - Limonene Salve - 1oz

Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Topical - Limonene Salve - 1oz

Blue Moon Hemp


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Fresh like a beautiful Spring afternoon. Let this bright, citrusy fragrance take you away to a sunset in the Italian Riviera or a lemon grove on the coast.

Bursting with zest, this product has the unmistakable aroma of the Limonene terpene, one of the most abundant terpenes that happens to be found in plants such as cannabis. More than likely though, you’re already familiar with Limonene if you’ve ever bitten into any citrus fruit or cleaned your home with a lemon-scented spray. That’s because Limonene makes up about 97% of the essential oils found in citrus rinds. For thousands of years the Limonene terpene was used in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties, and contemporary studies have shown similar benefits.

This anti-inflammatory property makes Limonene the perfect candidate for a deep tissue salve to treat chronic inflammation. Blue Moon Hemp’s CBD salve delivers a powerful formula which penetrates the skin’s superficial layers and goes directly to achy joints and sore muscle tissue. This product is great for high intensity sports recovery, inflamed joints from sustained time on your feet, and general pain and soreness. Heal your body with the benefits of Limonene infused with CBD.

You might have heard of the entourage effect when talking about consuming CBD, but Blue Moon Hemp believes the same principle should apply to this topical product as well. The Limonene CBD Salve is composed of Emu Oil and a handful of essential oils. Limonene works alongside Calendula, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Olive, Coconut, which are then infused with a proprietary blend of CBD to give you the ultimate effectiveness for fast results.

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