Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Concentrate - Pineapple Express Shatter - 0.5 Gram

Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Concentrate - Pineapple Express Shatter - 0.5 Gram

Blue Moon Hemp


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Close your eyes and feel the coastal breeze, wiggle your toes in the warm sand and breathe in the salty sea air. OK, you might not actually be on a tropical island, but you can give yourself a mini vacation with this CBD shatter. That recognizable tangy goodness is Pineapple Express, dripping with zesty notes of pineapple, fruity sweetness, and all the tropical vibes you could ask for.

Bursting with tropical flavor, this product has the added benefit of natural terpenes working in conjunction with cannabinoids. Feel the benefit of hemp plant compounds working together in unison to elevate your overall experience, called the entourage effect.

Other shatters on the market usually range from 45%-75% in purity. Don’t settle for mediocre results, treat yourself to the best of the best. When you use Blue Moon Hemp’s shatter, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the absolute best quality, and purest shatter on the market. Blue Moon uses a scrupulous filtration process to extract pure CBD oil from hemp, making sure extraneous plant material is not left behind in the final product. This process not only creates a nearly flawless product with 99.6% purity, but it also removes all traces of THC. That makes this product great for people who might be subject to drug testing, or who do not wish to experience psychoactive effects.

Remember, careful storage is necessary to keep your Pineapple Express CBD shatter in its best condition— you want it to taste great and not lose any of its beneficial properties, right? Prevent excessive exposure to sunlight, ultraviolet light, and most importantly heat, as terpenes and cannabinoids activate and lose their quality over time under these conditions. Store in a cool dry place to maximize the lifespan of your shatter and experience the best results upon consumption.

Ingredients: cbd, terpenes

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