AndHemp - CBD Pet Tincture - 250mg-500mg

AndHemp - CBD Pet Tincture - 250mg-500mg



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Tincture by AndPets features a safe form of tinctures for your beloved four-legged friend! Just how tinctures soothe your aches and pains in only a few drops, now you can offer your pet the same type of product and have peace of mind that this product is safe for animal use. This product has been formulated to safely offer your pet cannabidiol and allows your pet to reap the benefits of CBD in the same way you would! While it’s not a good idea to swap tinctures with your pet, you can each enjoy your own form of CBD in tincture form!

Tinctures are wonderful for stress, anxiety, and depression, which your pet might suffer from in the forms of separation anxiety (if you ever travel with your pet), stress (frequent training or being around other more aggressive animals), or depression (if you’ve ever read “Where the Red Fern Grows,” you know depression in animals is a very real and heartbreaking thing). Ensure your pet enjoys life to the fullest without being hindered by the aches and pains that life tries to slow you down with, thanks to the wonderful Tincture by AndPets!

  • Made from THC Free Broad Spectrum Distillate
  • Grown, Harvested and Tested in the USA

Lab Reports

AndHemp - CBD Pet Tincture - 500mg Lab Report
AndHemp - CBD Pet Tincture - 250mg Lab Report